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Preparation For IELTS: 9 Best Courses Online 2022 [Free+Paid]

Last Updated On: February 5, 2022
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I was planning to get prepared for IELTS offline but had to quit for the pandemic. So after reading the article How To Be Successful In Online Courses, I thought, why not start my preparations online?

And, like many of you, I was also confused. The first thought came, is it possible to score 7.5 or 8 out of 9 without any coaching? Will I be able to study for IELTS on my own?

And the answer is yes! In my research, I gathered most of the IELTS courses available online, but the question I faced was, what are the best online courses for IELTS? 

So, I started checking the classes and ranked them according to their module, teaching quality, practice sheets, etc. And after researching and reviewing them personally, I thought to publish this article containing The 9 Best IELTS Online Training Courses for General and Academic tracks, as it will help others who are currently planning to sit for IELTS. 

I’ll review both paid and free IELTS courses and rank them accordingly, as many free classes are better than some paid ones. 

One important thing I’ve noticed that people who are interested in IELTS do not know the difference between IELTS General and IELTS Academic tracks. So I’ll briefly explain it here.

If you already know about these, jump right into the course list!

What is IELTS?

IELTS means International English Language Testing System, designed by British Council, for testing students’ English-Language skills. The test is divided into four parts containing reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The whole score is measured on a scale of 9.

What’s the difference between IELTS General and Academic tracks?

According to IELTS’s website, the General track is needed for those who want to pursue work, apply for migration, or study below degree level. If you’re going to pursue higher studies like getting yourself admitted into college/university, you’ll need to attend IELTS Academic as its module is based on students.

In the test module, the reading and writing part is the same for both tracks. The only difference is in the listening and speaking test. This IELTS online training course list will guide you to choose the best course for your exam track!

The 9 Best Online IELTS Preparation Courses 

  1. IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course by Udemy
  2. Understanding IELTS by British Council on FutureLearn
  3. Magoosh IELTS by Magoosh
  4. Free IELTS Academic Test Preparation by The University of Queensland on Edx
  5. IELTS Preparation Masterclass: A Complete Guide to the IELTS by Udemy
  7. Prepare for IELTS Academic by E2Language
  8. IELTS Preparation Course by BestMyTest
  9. Road To IELTS by British Council

Don’t worry about the English Proficiency level. These courses are designed to help everyone, and after completing them properly, you’ll be ready to grab around 8 out of 9. Even after reading all the reviews, you might get confused about which class or certification should be the best for you. So make sure to check out my Special Recommendation & Free Tips section at the end of the article!

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1. IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course by Udemy

Preparation for ielts course by udemy review
IELTS Complete Preparation Course by Udemy
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Track: Both General And Academic
  • Total Number of Students: 100K+
  • Number of Courses: 1
  • Course Material: 394 Lectures; 157 Resources
  • Practice Test: 20+ Assignments 
  • Certificate: Available 
  • Time to Complete: 2 months at 10 hours per week
  • Prerequisites: Minimum of Intermediate English
  • Cost: $12.99 

What You Will Learn

  • Effective Scanning of Keywords in the Reading section
  • Tactics and strategies both for Academic and General tracks
  • Mastering Listening section with matching and filling multiple-choice questions
  • Complete guidelines of how the IELTS exam happens with grading criteria
  • Writing demonstration with practical exercises
  • Cohesive, coherent, and concise writing with demonstrations 
  • Strong vocabulary and complex spelling

Why You Should Enroll

  • Take professional guidelines from IELTS specialists
  • Get fluency in the Speaking with different Band Descriptor Analysis methods
  • You will get the live class of each section to overcome flaws
  • Exam-based assignments to make you confident
  • Understand the method of finding the correct answer
  • Take feedbacks from past examinees
  • Get a Vocabulary guide for each section as well as for the whole exam by experts

Top Review

"My first attempt!

I scored a Band 8 in my first attempt; kudos to Keino's strategies and tactics!

During my first attempt, I hardly finished the first two sections and was running out of time with 3rd section; however, this time, I just used techniques and moved on to the next questions and managed to answer all 40 questions ."

Udemy’s IELTS course has always been the best option to get a high score within a short time. Instructed by Keino Campbell, this course provides insight into an IELTS test. This course helps students by covering four modules in 26 sections. Anyone without prior knowledge about IELTS will be able to make themselves fit for the test. 

They have in-depth demonstrations over the Speaking part. You will get separate classes containing Lexical, Accuracy, Fluency, and Pronunciation Band Descriptor Analysis. Also, for writing, they’ll guide you starting from the foundations of a well-structured essay to Pie chart, Line graph, Task Analysis Process, etc. You can rest assured you aren’t going to miss any point!

I preferred their Managing Test Anxiety methods, a must-learn item before attending IELTS. 

They provide four separate divisions for each segment of IELTS containing different tactics and strategies. Even you will get live classes from the instructors!

Another thing I appreciated that this course gives you a clear idea about do’s and don’ts on the main exam. If you want to provide the computer-based exam, Udemy’s band 7+ Complete prep course can help you too! Also, they give a 0.5+ Band improvement guarantee, and their 600+ practice sets made me pretty amazed! 

But, notice that they won’t provide you any books, they’ll only recommend them. In the practice classes, teachers will show you passages from books and describe them from point to point. 

You don’t need to worry much about books. Rather than focus on the speaking part, their speaking sections are enriched with interviews, presentation hacks, follow-up questions to make you fluent.

The course is self-paced, but I would suggest following their instructions. Also, you can try their mobile app and study plan to make better progress. They have a progress tracker to help the students evaluate themselves. So, don’t delay! Try this course for better practice and self-evaluation!

2. Understanding IELTS by British Council on FutureLearn

Ielts training online by british council review
Understanding IELTS Course By British Council
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Track: Both General And Academic
  • Total Number of Students: 3K+
  • Number of Courses: 4
  • Certificate: Available 
  • Time to Complete: 1 month at 10 hours per week
  • Prerequisites: Basic English
  • Cost: $39/per month

What You Will Learn

  • In-depth elaboration of the Four Sections
  • Deep concentration method for the Listening test
  • Marks distribution and tips for getting full marks
  • Helpful vocabulary for descriptive writing
  • Fluency for Speaking test and tactics for giving an accurate answer
  • Time management hacks for the exam

Why Should You Enroll

  • Designed by British Council themselves!
  • Top-notch instructors of IELTS to guide you from start to finish
  • Get practical activities same as the main exam
  • You will have classes focusing on the tricky part of each section
  • Involve with an international network of IELTS examinee to discuss your problems
  • Get the opportunity to attend quality assessment tests and get in-depth reviews from experts

Top Review

"María Isabel completed this course, spending 3 hours a week on it, and found the course difficulty to be medium. Very useful and interesting to people who have to face English exams. It provides many resources to practice all of the different English skills required for the examination."

Understanding IELTS is one of the best courses designed by the British Council. As you can remember, IELTS is taken under the authority of the British council, and doing a course designed by the British Council is a plus point! 

This training can be counted as an IELTS specialization. It has four complete courses on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The separate courses are designed to give exact moderation of IELTS. Containing expert tips and assessment tests, they have already won the hearts of learners.

For example, in the reading course, you’ll learn how to read passages to find answers quickly within 20 minutes and to separate info marking truth, false, or not given. 

Also, if you’re nervous about which sort of passages to read for the test, this course will provide you with the appropriate guidelines.

Similarly, the other three courses are designed in the same way. You’ll get to practice a lot and get mock tests before the final one. Also, this one is budget-friendly. And don’t forget the designer of this course!

3. Magoosh IELTS by Magoosh

Ielts preparation course by magoosh review
Online IELTS Course By Magoosh
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Track: Both General And Academic
  • Number of Courses: 1
  • Course Material: 125+ Lectures
  • Practice Test: 600+ Practice Question 
  • Certificate: Available 
  • Time to Complete: 2 months at 10 hours per week
  • Prerequisites: Basic English
  • Cost: $109 for 1 month / $129 for 6 month

What You Will Learn

  • Essential IELTS grammatical errors you need to avoid
  • How to get a high score in your interview
  • Pro-tips for excellent vocabulary
  • The right way of answering different types of Listening Questions
  • Reading, Speaking, and advanced writing hacks

Why You Should Enroll

  • You will understand how the IELTS exam happens and get analysis for four modules of IELTS
  • Experts try to point out errors while teaching you necessary grammar to develop your basic level
  • Teaches essential methods to be sharp while attending the test
  • High-quality modules to make you feel like attending an actual exam
  • Get hands-on training on writing with hacks

Top Review

"Magoosh is hands down the best online prep material out there. It has the complete package of the best tutorials and near to exam-level questions that made me well prepared for the test. And its concise study plan also helped me a lot, and I could complete my preparation in only five days. Thanks a ton to the wonderful Magoosh Team!"

From the start, Magoosh is known as a brand for helping IELTS learners worldwide. Their curriculum has helped more than hundreds of students all over the world. Also, they’re trusted by IELTS experts. Kudos to Magoosh for their helpful books and courses! 

In this course, you will find seven sections containing all four modules of the exam. They have added an Essential Grammar section, IELTS skills, and a basic introduction to IELTS. And, personally, their IELTS skill section helped me to develop my preparation level. They have included paraphrasing, scanning, skimming, and techniques for finding answers. 

Furthermore, they have prepared the writing part with many inside details like essay correction, thesis statements, explanation of various essay types. You will get introduced to charts, graphs, diagrams, even maps in this course! They have also explained scoring in the writing section.

You will learn new methods like SUN Method for reading, APT Method for listening, etc., in this course. Though summarization of passage isn’t given in the reading exam nowadays, they have still described how to summarize any passage too, and it seemed unique to me.

As it’s a self-paced course, you’ll be able to complete it with your schedule. Also, course providing team have drawn their own suggested schedules, which may even suit you better. But, they don’t have a live class session during the course, though you can ask any question to the experts anytime! And, you can track your progress too.

4. Free IELTS Academic Test Preparation by The University of Queensland on Edx

Free preparation for ielts on edx course review
Edx Free IELTS Preparation Course
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Track: Academic
  • Total Number of Students: 112K+
  • Number of Courses: 1
  • Course Material: 160 activities
  • Practice Test: Full Set Available
  • Certificate: Available for $99 
  • Time to Complete: 2 months at 10 hours per week
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Cost: Free; Extra package $99

What Will You Learn

  • IELTS Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing
  •  Understanding speaker’s agreement in Listening Test
  • Signpost Language (a process of guiding the listener to memorize presentation)
  • Pronunciation, Grammar, and Spelling
  • Learn to differentiate the main idea and key points in the Reading test
  • Advanced writing structure
  • Analysis capability for  Key Features of question

Why You Should Enroll

  • An interactive course with multimedia presentations, vital test-taking skills, and techniques to take preparation for IELTS
  • You can get this course entirely for free
  • A comprehensive introduction to the IELTS containing 80 hours of interactive

practice materials

  • Updates continuously by experts to keep you up-to-date with the syllabus
  • Constructive and helpful for beginners with enriched video and audio resources
  • Get high-quality teaching and learning facilities with live classes
  • You can develop engagement with IELTS communities to discuss your flaws

Top Review

"I'm a girl from Egypt, who didn't have the funds to take courses or to buy books, my study was based mainly on this...without your efforts, I couldn't get the score I aimed for so I can apply for masters, you have contributed to my future."

This course is provided by The University of Queensland, an IELTS test center and another prominent name in the learning field. The instructors are highly qualified and experienced. And, the best thing is, this one is an interactive IELTS preparation course, which means you learn and interact while learning.

They have images, descriptive text, videos throughout the course to make the IELTS training easy for you. Mainly, I found every module emphasizing core IELTS skills essential to grab a good score. They have included exceptional grammar and vocabulary items to run you through interactive as well as engaging activities.

Also, to mention they’ve four sections along with an extra two parts about skills and expertise. In regular sections, you will get academic discussion and monologues for the listening part. 

They have separated the Listening section into 3 stages: before the test, while giving the test, and after listening strategies

The other three sections (Reading, Writing, Speaking) are specialized in their tactics, like distinguishing ideas from reading passages or speaking methods for interviews.

I learned Argumentative Construction for advanced writing, Skimming, and keyword mapping, sort of crucial skills. You can rest assured you will not find any other free courses with such high-quality guidelines and structure!

5. IELTS Preparation Masterclass: A Complete Guide to the IELTS by Udemy

Udemy ielts preparation masterclass course review
Udemy IELTS Preparation Masterclass Course
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Track: Academic
  • Total Number of Students: 14k+
  • Number of Courses: 1
  • Course Material: 46 Lectures; 53 Resources
  • Practice Test: Available 
  • Certificate: Available 
  • Time to Complete: 2 weeks at 10 hours per week
  • Prerequisites: Minimum of Intermediate English
  • Cost: $12.99

What You Will Learn

  • Tricks to get the maximum correct answers
  • Vast knowledge within a short time
  • Four parts of the test with in-depth research
  • Real-life question pattern 
  • Learn about band descriptors
  • Guidelines for preparing at home

Why You Should Enroll 

  • This masterclass was easier to follow compared to all others
  • You will get every type of questions explained
  • Get explanations and skillset of each section
  • You will get band 7 target based preparation
  • A well structured and short time course to complete your preparation

Top Review

"Despite being in the beginning, I am feeling well-motivated, and I am taking some notes while the instructor shares the tips. I am rearranging my strategies to reach a high performance on this test. I reached the half, of course; I am still well impressed about the tips and the information I am gathering."

Udemy’s masterclass is another well-structured and guided course for IELTS online training. Within a short time, this course managed to give deep dive into every aspect of IELTS! At first, the course introduces the essential tips and strategies of IELTS.

You will find eight sections containing essential study guides and various question types. Each unit is designed to give enough tactics and practice opportunities. 

Though it is targeted for the academic track, anyone from the general track can also take this course to brush up on Listening and Reading skills.

They have activities in each section which helped me pretty much to go around learning each test module. All the sections contain audio, video lectures, even pdf to read! 

All the practice modules are designed to strengthen your ability and improve efficiency. Especially, their writing section is highly recommended!

But, remember that this course would work the best if you take it to improve your skills, not to start from the very basics

To me, the course duration seemed a bit short for students to learn from the basics. Though they’ll share guidelines, you should try it later if you’re too weak in grammar.

6. IELTS Courses by IELTS Online

Ielts course by ielts online review
IELTS Online Preparation Course By IELTS Online
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Track: Both General And Academic
  • Total Number of Students: 56K+
  • Number of Courses: 3
  • Course Material: Free 800 page e-book; Audio Recording; 350 Video Lessons
  • Practice Test: 60 
  • Time to Complete: 3 months at 10 hours per week
  • Prerequisites: Basic Level of English
  • Cost: Ranging from $38 - $231

 What You Will Learn

  • Test tips and strategies for four modules
  • Strong Vocabulary on different topics
  • The method of recognizing opinion, central point, and keynotes
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Identifying answers from the passage or from audio

Why Should You Enroll

  • Provides a lot of practice questions 
  • You can play games to develop your skills with entertainment
  • You will get a Band score estimator 
  • Be able to keep track of your performance 
  • This one has practice tests organized adequately like a real IELTS exam

Top Review

"can’t recommend IELTS Online enough. With this course, I could practice anywhere at any time. The content is unlimited and prepares you well for the exam. I chose the IELTS Express course because my time was limited, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The modules are so easy to use! Due to this course, my results were outstanding."

MACQUARIE University is one of the finest universities to provide IELTS training online. University experts developed the IELTS online to deep-dive both in IELTS preparation and final exam. 

This one outstands other courses because of their structured practice sets

The course will give you guidelines to organize your ideas in the main exam. Detailed video lectures will make your concept clear and build your confidence throughout the course.

Each course has different fees, but all of them offer material and activities for four test sections. The best thing for me was to get 60 practice sets and free e-books! You will get real-life test experience and a lot of practice before appearing to the main exam. 

But, I felt a bit sad that you will get personalized feedback only in the Master Plus package, which might be expensive for some of you. However, I suggest you try it out. 

If you want to practice and track your progress level, this one is the best of all. You’ll get an overall summary of your tests and can evaluate yourself to beat your previous record by yourself. 

I loved that they take a test after every lesson to ensure that you’ve learned properly. So it’s a good choice for students taking IELTS preparation online.

7. Prepare for IELTS Academic by E2Language

Prepare for ielts academic by e2language course review
Prepare For IELTS Course by E2Language
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Track: Academic
  • Number of Courses: 01
  • Course Material: 100+ Video Lectures on Grammar
  • Practice Test: 100+ Tests
  • Prerequisites: Basic Level of English
  • Cost: Free / Paid ranging from $49 - $309

What You Will Learn 

  • Methods of IELTS for four sections
  • Advanced and essential pronunciation
  • Proper spelling and writing hacks
  • Step by step  English grammar 
  • How to organize ideas from the passage
  • Create logical arguments in writing

Why Should You Enroll

  • It’s Free! Also, you can get special packages using the paid version
  • Get to discover the core skills from the basic
  • Can choose from where you want to start
  • You will get introduced to each type of questions to master IELTS academics
  • Will be able to attend live classes

First of all, I liked this one as I can learn core grammar skills with four sections of IELTS completely free. Also, this website is structured and easy to navigate with a modern interface. If you don’t understand how to use this platform, they have a tutorial video at the beginning of the course to help you. 

They offer six sections, including the special general and academic vocabulary section. In the free version, you’ll get these sections with short practice tests. At the start, you can set your goal and customize your study plan. As a bonus, you’ll get live classes too! 

You’ll get regular feedback and Question-Answer sessions in the paid version. The best thing is that the teachers evaluate student’s progress personally in this course. Even you can schedule a call to plan your lessons. 

Another part I appreciate about this course is that they allow students to discuss their flaws with experts if they fail in the tests. But, remember, once you start the test, you can’t pause it. So, better be ready while attending practice tests in this course.

8. IELTS Preparation Course by BestMyTest

Ielts preparation course online by bestmytest review
IELTS Preparation Course Online by BestMyTest
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Track: Both General And Academic
  • Number of Courses: 1
  • Course Material: 200 Lessons
  • Practice Test: 100+ Questions 
  • Time to Complete: Depends upon the packages
  • Prerequisites: Basic Level of English
  • Cost: 3 packages available ranging from $69 - $169

 What You Will Learn 

  • Speaking and Writing, especially 
  • Flow and Speech
  • Intonation and writing techniques 
  • Proofreading of Essay
  • Paragraph and essay writing structure 

Why Should You Enroll

  • It provides an Ask An Instructor feature
  • Opportunity to prepare with an organized study guide
  • Money-back guarantee if scores don’t improve at least 1+
  • Learn Brainstorming to find intelligent answers 
  • Instant messaging and email assistance support to help your queries

BestMyTest offers an online IELTS preparation course that is being loved by the community, although it’s a comparatively new course! They have ranked high because of their high strategy and research methods for learners. It has features like flashcards, valuable insight tips, and a review of your writing and speaking skill. 

Their teaching method is scientifically proven to use ‘Semantic Role Chunking’ to teach new materials

BestMyTest has emphasized Speaking and Writing. They provide grammatical corrections for Essay and Speaking skill development by certified IELTS instructors

Their guarantee of improving the Band score level by 1-2.5+ fascinated me! Their module is designed in the perfect way for people to enhance their Band scores. 

Another reason for the recommendation is that they provide one-to-one Speaking and Writing support. You can trust the analysis process and progress tracking to evaluate yourself.

I’ve ranked it number 8 because this certification is new to the field compared to its rivals who have been successfully teaching for a long time. So don’t underestimate this course!

9. Road To IELTS by British Council

Road to ielts free course by british council review
Free Road To IELTS Course by British Council
  • Rating:  4.2/5
  • Track: Both General and Academic
  • Number of Courses: 1
  • Course Material: 4 video lessons; 19 interactive activities
  • Practice Test: Available
  • Prerequisites: Basic level of English
  • Cost: Free 

What You Will Learn

  • Tips and tricks to get desired band score
  • How British Council marks the examinee
  • Speaking fluency 
  • Grammar mistakes to avoid 

Why Should You Enroll

  • British Council provides this course for examinees
  • Learn advanced hacks to get the desired score with video tutorials
  • Interactive activities to train you in a friendly way
  • Get in touch with IELTS teachers of the British Council
  • You will gain access to the Resource Bank

Another British Council designed course for you, but it’s free! However, they have paid packages where you can enroll after booking a seat for the examination. But, the main course is free for everyone! 

You’ll get sample learning videos, resource materials for IELTS General and Academic, expert lessons from instructors, and a practice zone to sharpen your skills.

It provides guidelines along with practice tests and complete mock tests. The important thing is that they provide practice of computer-based IELTS. Anyone without registration or any requirements can attend the examination. 

They would cover all four sections with proper planning and track your progress record. Interactive sessions are highly recommended for students practicing online. 

They have an organized Speaking section with a high level of interactions to remove the fear of speaking from the students!

So it’s a good warmup course for anyone attending the IELTS exam.

Special Recommendation and Tips

Well, you may feel a bit confused about which one to choose first among these 9 IELTS preparation courses and classes. So, in this section, I’ll specify which one is suited best for which type of students. Seat tight, and plunge into for a quick check!

  • If you’re an academic track student and want to start now, then Free IELTS Academic Test Preparation by The University of Queensland on EdX is the best one for you. You’ll get complete direction and expert opinions entirely for free!
  • If you are already a little bit prepared and want to sharpen your skills, then Understanding IELTS by British Council on FutureLearn can be your best match. 
  • People who want professional guidelines and exercises from the very beginning should go for Magoosh IELTS by Magoosh.
  • For a relaxing preparation with less stressed course material, try out Prepare for IELTS Academic by E2Language.
  • Also, if you’re struggling with writing and speaking, then IELTS Preparation Course by BestMyTest is a must-try as they emphasize these two skills more.

Also, try these platforms to learn more without taking any particular classes.

  1. IELTS Liz
  2. IELTS Mentor


I prepared this article to help you on your way to prepare for IELTS. If it helps you even a little bit, then I’m glad! Try out these IELTS courses and certifications, and remember to be consistent in your training classes. IELTS is easy for those who practice as much as they can. Don’t fear the Speaking Test. Watching the series, movies, and animes can help you upgrade your speaking quality and fluency. 

But, be careful about time management on the exam. You’ll get limited time with deep questions. From the start of your IELTS preparation, prioritize your time management skill. Best of luck with your exam!

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