“It takes just 6 months to become a professional in almost any field”

When I complete an online course or a new project, I share them on my Facebook profile. So almost every day I get messages from my juniors, batchmates, even my seniors saying they are willing to learn a topic, but not sure where to start and how to proceed step by step. 

Most commonly they ask, “How much time it will take to master this topic and start earning some money”. And my answer always be, “It takes just 6 months to become a professional in almost any field. You just need to be hard working and have a proper plan from start to finish.

As I get almost identical course recommendation requests, it’s time I build the site to help not only my well wishers, but also everyone from around the globe.

The problems with choosing courses and books

problems with courses and books that are solved by course recommendation
  • Every article is so biased because of the “affiliate program” that you only know you chose the wrong course only when you finish the course
  • Confused about which one best suits you
  • Outdated suggestions
  • Tough to find a complete guide
  • Free contents are always skipped 
  • Takes time to analyze dozens of courses and find the best-suited one
  • The same goes for books

Why Should You Trust Us?

We too run on affiliate programs that might raise questions about “Trustworthiness”. Instead of throwing a huge list of courses and books to you so that whatever you choose, we get a commission, we spend a huge amount of time bringing the final list to you. The list includes both free and paid courses and books. Without being biased, we consider value over price. We value our readers who can’t afford premium courses, so you’ll always find some free courses on every article.

How do we choose the best courses and books?

  1. List the top course recommendations from the best articles on the internet.
  2. Scrap the communities (Reddit, Facebook, etc) on a certain topic to list the most favorite courses and books among the communities
  3. Visit the best platforms and list out their top enrolled courses
  4. List out around 30 to 50 courses and books to go through deep analysis
  5. Using the features you see in our articles, we shorten the list to the top 15 courses and the best 10 books. 
  6. The list is then reviewed by others, and the final list is created.
  7. The final list is created containing only the courses and books that you should care about.

Our Mission

The Ultimate Course Recommendation!

To create one article per topic that will contain the up-to-date best courses and books on that topic.

Complete Guidelines!

To create an ultimate guideline on every topic you ask!
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